• Media Production I - 9 week elective

    In this course, students will learn how to properly and efficiently communicate ideas, opinions, and information using video and audio tools. Using High Definition (HD) video and audio recording equipment, students will create a series of projects that will allow them to explore photography and cinematography.  Avid Media Composer, a professional grade video editing software package, will be used to edit and create these projects.    

    Media Production II - 9 week elective
    Students in this course are responsible for the production and broadcast of East's daily morning announcement show Patriot Primetime.   In addition to learning more advanced photography, cinematography, and editing skills, students will learn the basics of broadcast journalism and broadcasting technologies.  CB East's has a state-of-the-art television studio that includes multiple cameras, green screen technology, sound boards, teleprompters, and a Newtek Tricaster broadcasting computer with video switchboard.  Students will develop video segments, write scripts, learn how to direct, technical direct, mix audio, use teleprompter displays, record and broadcast the show daily. 
    Media Production III - 9 week elective
    Students in this course focus on advanced video production skills and advanced editing processes.  An emphasis of this course is the development of a screenplay for the production of a short film.  Students in this course must have taken and passed both Media Production I and II. 
    Practicum - 9 week elective (A/B days or A or B days)
    Practicum students are independent students who work on advanced, long term projects such as, but not limited to, college entry videos, large scale montages, academic department promotional videos, community field reports, and major after school recordings such as plays, concerts, athletic events, and fund-raisers.