•   Welcome Entrepreneurship! 


    • Entrepreneurship is a 9 week business course that will:
    • Introduce you to the skills, concepts and traits necessary to succeed as entrepreneurs
    • Cover the fundamentals of starting and operating a business
    • Provide students with a foundation for further study of business in higher education


    • Course Topic Overview:
    • Intro to Entrepreneurship
      • Types of Entrepreneurs
      • Characteristics and Traits of Entrepreneurs
      • Explore Young Entrepreneurs
    • The Business Plan
      • Introduction to Developing a Business Plan using a Food Truck Business including organization, management, finance, marketing, problem solving and communication
    • Franchising
      • Buying into an existing idea
    • Teen Entrepreneurs
      • Student Individually Developed Business Ideas


    • Students will engage in two creative projects, a Food Truck Business and a Teen Entrepreneur Business during which they will be immersed in the factors involved in operating a successful business.

     All assignments are stored on the Entrepreneurship Canvas Site  - https://cbsd.instructure.com/courses/30394