•  Last Update: 6/10/16
    Topics: Review W&E
     (I'm going to make this optional-
    If you do better on it than your
    test average, I'll record it.  If you
    don't do it, or do worse than your
    test average, I won't record it -
    you'll get exempted) 
     (The practice 1/2 sheet)
    Update: 6/9/16
    Topics: Conservation of Energy
    PCR W&E Lessons 2b,c,d
    Do the CYU on 2d 
    Review Packet:  Units 8
    Update: 6/8/16
    Topics: Conservation of Energy
     Complete Analysis and Questions
    Example Problems 
    Review Packet:  Units 6,7
    Update: 6/7/16
    Topics: Work & Energy
    PCR W&E Lesson 1c CYU #1,2
     Lesson 1d #1,2,4
    Review Packet:  Units 4,5
    Update: 6/6/16
    Topics: Work & Energy
    PCR W&E Lesson 1b CYU #5,8 
     WS do #1,2
    Review AnswersUnits 1-3 
    Update: 6/2/16
    Topics: Core Assessment
    Test Tomorrow is on:
    UCM, VCM, Type I Projectiles
    Solutions2-D Practice
    Update: 6/1/16
    Topics: Projectiles
    Test is on:
    Update: 5/31/16
    Topics: VCM and Projectiles
    Update: 5/26/16
    Topics: UCM and VCM
    Assignment: Re-do WS Vertical CM
    NotesPP UCM
    Quiz on Lesson 1 (all) and 2a of: 
    Update: 5/25/16
    Topics: UCM and VCM
    AssignmentWS Vertical CM
    ExampleVCM example
    Update: 5/24/16
    Topics: Lab analysis, PLQ
    2nd block:  Practice WS #1-4
    4th block:  Read Lesson 1a on: 
     Update: 5/23/16
    Topics: Test:  Newton's Laws
    Update: 5/20/16
    Topics: Apparent Weight
    Assignment: Practice!
    Update: 5/19/16
    Topics: Apparent Weight
    AssignmentWS Apparent Weight
    AND 1-7 on Cantaloupe on a Table 
    Update: 5/18/16
    Topics: Friction Lab PLQ, Friction Lecture
    AssignmentWS Friction
     Notes:PP Friction
    Update: 5/17/16
    Topics: Newton's Third Law, Friction Lab
    AssignmentWS FBD
    Update: 5/12/16
    Topics: PLQ, Quiz 1st Law, mass, weight
    Second Law Problems 
    AssignmentWS 1st and 2nd Laws
    Update: 5/11/16
    Topics: accel vs net force lab
    Assignment:  Prepare for quiz and PLQ
    Update: 5/10/16
    Topics: Free Body Diagrams
    Assignment: Worksheet
    Update: 5/9/16
    Topics: Acceleration vs Mass  PLQ
    Assignment: none 
    Update: 5/6/16
    Topics: Weight vs Mass  Lecture
    Assignment: WS on Weight and Mass
    Update: 5/5/16
    Topics: Weight vs Mass  PLQ
    Mass Lab... 
    Assignment: none
    Update: 5/4/16
    Topics: Weight vs Mass  Discussion and Lab
    Assignment:  Read Lesson 1b
    Update: 5/2/16
    Topics: TEST
    Update: 4/28/16
    Topics: Performance Assessment
    Review, Practice, Practice, Practice!
     Practice Analyzing Graphs Here:
    and here in lesson 3 and 4:
    and here:
    Practice Word Problems here: 
    Update: 4/27/16
    Topics: Free Fall Problems,
    Kinematics Graph Analysis,
    Performance Assessment prep 
    Assignment:WS Free Fall
    Do #2,4
    Update: 4/26/16
    Topics: Kinematics Graphs
    analysis of kinematics Free Fall
    Assignment:WS Free Fall
    Do #1,3
    Update: 4/25/16
    Topics: Free Fall, PLQ
    analysis of kinematics graphs
    Update: 4/19/16
    Topics: re-quiz,
    Analyze x vs t graphs 
    1.  WS on analyzing x vs t graphs
    2.  complete graph from class for 4th block
     Update: 4/13/16
    Topics: 7 x vs t graphs
    velocity vs time
    kinematics problems 
    1.  Memorize 8 measurements
    (first 12 slides) 
    2.  Study example problem
    Update: 4/12/16
    Topic: Lab:  x vs t for cart
    rolling down hill; PLQ 
    Practice Assignment
    Update: 4/11/16
    Topic: Lab:  x vs t for jeep
    AssignmentWS x vs t 
    Update: 4/8/16
    Topic: Distance, Displacement,
    Speed Trap 
    Assignment: Write and solve
    your own word problem for
    the speed trap. 
    Update: 4/7/16
    Topic: Intro To Kinematics
    Assignment: Study the example, do
    the problem that follows 
    Update: 4/5/16
    Topic: Core Assessment
    Assignment: (recommended)
    Review your quiz from Static Electricity
    Review Ohms Law PLQ
    complete WS:  Simple and Series Circuits 
    read PCR and complete CYU
    Current Electricity Lessons 2,3,4a&c
    Static Electricity Lessons 1,2,3a
     Notes:  PP Circuits
    Solutions to WS (found above)
    1.  I = 0.5A    P = 0.75W    same for bulb
    2.  voltage = 4.5V    P = 6.75W
    3.  three bulbs in series will triple the resistance
    4. increase....decrease
    5.  a
    6.  Req = 18 ohms    I=0.667A
     V1 = 2V    V2 = 4V   V3 = 6V
     Pb = 8W    P1 = 1.33W         P2 = 2.67W
    P3 = 4W
    Update: 4/4/16
    Topic: Power, Energy, Cost
    complete measurements for core 
    read PCR Current Electricity 3d 
    Update: 4/1/16
    Topics:  Teacher was absent
    Assignment: Take measuremtns for
    Update: 3/29/16
    Topics:  Series Circuits and POWER 
    Assignment: Take notes on this example:
     Read PCR 3c,d and 4c in
    Current Electricity
    Update: 3/23/16
    Topics:  Vocab quiz, REAL Lab:  I vs V
    Update: 3/22/16
    Topics:  PLQ, Resistance, Ohms Law
    Assignment: PCR 3c
    Worksheet #1-3
    Update: 3/21/16
    Topics:  Lab: Current vs Voltage
    Assignment: none
    Update: 3/18/16
    Topics: Quiz:  Static Electricity 
    Current Electricity PCR Lessons  1c, 2a-c
    Assignment: none
    Update: 3/17/16
    Topics:  Static Electricity
    Assignment: PCR Static Electricity
    Lessons 1&2  
    Review Slides 1-22 of PP
    Update: 3/16/16
    Topics:  Static Electricity
    Assignment: Review Slides 1-16 of PP
    Update: 3/15/16
    Topics:  Test, Intro Electricity
    Update: 3/14/16
    Topics:  Review, Practice with LIGHT
    Assignment: Review  PCR, power points,
    quizzes, PRACTICE!
    Update: 3/11/16
    Topics:  Refraction:  Convex Lenses
    PCR Light and Refraction 5a-d,h
    Assignment: WS Ray Diagrams Solve for di
    with the  Lens Equation
    Update: 3/9/16
    Topics:  Concave Mirrors / Ray Diagrams
    PCR Light and Reflection 3d
    Assignment: WS Ray Digrams
    Update: 3/8/16
    Topics:  Mirror Lab / PLQ / mirror equn
    Assignment: WS using the mirror eqn
    refer to PCR Reflection and the Ray model
    page 3f 
    Update: 3/7/16
    Topics:  Reflection and Plane Mirrors
    Update: 3/3/16
    Topics:  Light and Color Subtraction MORE!
    PCR Light and color Lesson 2e
    Assignment: WS Color Subtraction II  (skip
    Review Lesson 1a; 2a-e 
    For Color Subtraction,
    Practice These Steps:
    1.  What color(s) strike surface?
    2.  What color(s) can surface absorb?
    3.  What color(s) reflect?
    4.  What color appears? 
    Update: 3/2/16
    Topics:  Light and Color Subtraction
    PCR Light and color Lesson 2e
    Update: 3/1/16
    Topics:  Light and Color Addition
    PCR Light and color Lesson 2a-d
    Assignment: Correct WS from class
    note page where correction found 
    Update: 2/29/16
    Topics:  Light Intensity (LAB/PLQ)
    Assignment: NONE!
     Update: 2/26/16
    Topics: Test
    Update: 2/25/16
    Topics:  Review, Sound Demos
    Assignment: Actively Review
     Best pages to practice CYU
    (for PROBLEMS): 
    Waves Lessons 2b,d,e; 4e (1-3)
    Sound Waves and Music 2c 
     for CONTENT, all pages are important!
     Also review labs, quizzes and HW
    Update: 2/24/16
    Topics:  Sound Wave Phenomena, Resonance
     Lessons 3 (briefly); 4 (all); 5 (a,b,d)
    Update: 2/23/16
    Topics:  Sound Lessons 2a&b; 3a
    Complete CYU on 3a in your notes
    Update: 2/22/16
    Topics:  Sound Lessons 1(a-c) ; 2(a-c)
    Update: 2/18/16
    Topics:  Standing Waves Lab 
    Recommended Assignment:
    Do CYU on PCR Waves
    Lessons 1-4 except 4e 
    Update: 2/17/16
    Topics:  Standing Waves (Lesson4) 
    Recommended Assignment:
    Lesson 4e do ONE CYU 
    Update: 2/16/16
    Topics:  Wave Phenomena continued
    Return and review WS 
    Recommended Assignment:
    Lesson 2d CYU #9 
    Lesson 2e CYU #5 
    Update: 2/12/16
    Topics:  Wave Phenomena
    Lesson 3 on:
    Update: 2/11/16
    Topics:  Speed and Wave Speed
    Assignment:  Complete WS
     OR, prepare for a quiz!
    Update: 2/10/16
    1.  Analysis of wavelength vs frequency
    2.  PL Quiz
    3.  Lecture:  results of lab
    Assignment:  Read PCR Waves 2d 
     complete one CYU PROBLEM (not #1, etc)
    Update: 2/9/16
    Topics:  1.  Quiz
    2.  Lab:  wavelength vs frequency

    Update: 2/8/16
    Topics: Review for QUIZ 
    "Lab"  Energy vs Amplitude
    In Class, We: did a lab to learn
    what is on page 2c:
    Then we took a Post Lab Quiz (PLQ)
    NOTES:  Wave Basics

    Update: 2/3/16
    Topics: Wave Categories, Features,
    Basic Measurements

    In Class, We: went to...
    read lesson 2a&b
    took notes and made word webs
    tried to understand measurements and wave features

    If you didn't already....
    Read course outline, print last page,
    sign, get parent signature.

    Update: 2/2/16
    Topics: Post Lab Quiz
    Waves Introduction

     Go here:
    read lesson 1 a,b,c, take brief notes
    Answer the CYU on b and c

    If you didn't already....
    Read course outline, print last page,
    sign, get parent signature.

    Update: 2/1/16
    Topics: Lab Analysis
    Assignment: If you didn't already....
    Read course outline, print last page,
    sign, get parent signature.
    Update 1/29/16
    Topics: Introductions, Pendulum Lab
    read course outline, print last page,
    sign, get parent signature

    Update 1/28/16Topics: Introductions, Pendulum Lab
    Assignment: None Today