• This class will give you the opportunity to:


    • Enhance your knowledge of the SAT/ACT


      • You will have the opportunity to take Pre-Tests generated by the makers of the SAT.
      • You will learn tricks to help you take the test.  Test taking tips are essential to earning a good grade on the SAT/ACT. 
      • You will learn how the SAT/ACT is divided and the types of questions asked. 


    • Enhance your vocabulary through study of word parts. 
      • We will have notes every week on word parts
      • You will learn the common prefixes, roots, and suffixes in order to help you read/write at a higher level
      • You will compile your own weekly word lists to help enhance your vocabulary


    • Enhance your grammar knowledge.
      • You will learn the most common grammar mistakes found on the SAT/ACT.
      • You will learn tricks to help spot the common errors. 


    • Enhance your essay writing skills. 
      • You will learn how to write an effective essay based on questions generated by the makers of the SAT/ACT


    Contact Info: Please feel free to contact me at any time concerning work or assignments.  I am available before or after school if extra help is needed.  If you need to get in touch outside of school my email is:


SAT Dates 21-22