• In this class you will produce video projects for ON AIR productions.  You will have the opportunity to produce videos for CBTV and South.  Every production must be of the highest quality, or it will not be aired or submitted.

    Types of Production Projects: 


    Narrative:  One to Three Students.  In this project you will use the various skills you have learned throughout Media to tell a Fictional narrative.  You will have an added challenge for topics.  More info to come.

    Non-Fiction Feature:  Tenets of a Titan

    We will create a video series highlighting South's Tenets of a Titan.  Each group will be responsible for a short 2-3 min video highlighting one of our Tenets.  One group will also get the intro to the video.  This is a schoolwide initiative that we will promote.  This project will include templates and/or after effects.  More to come later. 

    Ten Day Film Challenge: ONE to Three Students.  We will use this project as guide. ( to an external site.Dates TBD

    • The participating STUDENTS must complete the film/video work in time to deliver it to the TEACHER on Day 10 BY 3:00PM.  
    • All work must be completed during a normal school day, including writing, editing, and filming.  No work is to be completed at night, or over a weekend.  This is a school project to be done within the normal limits of a school day.

    The finished film must be a minimum of 3 minutes in duration, and a maximum of 4 minutes in duration - not including ending credits. 

    Sports Broadcasting/Hype Project:  Groups will pick 1 sport.  The project must adhere to Sports Broadcasting standards.  Each project will be between 2-4 minutes.  You must include stats, player or coach interviews, and on the scene footage/interviews/broll.  This project will be used for a special Sports edition of Titan TV.  (4th marking period)

    Movie Trailer Redux students will create a Movie trailer that switches the genre of the movie.  Please pick your favorite movie.  Choose clips you want to use from Youtube. Then “re-imagine” your movie as another genre.  Make sure to add elements suited to your genre.  You can use new music, titles, VO etc.  Be creative and have fun!

    PSA: 1-3 Students.  Public Service Announcements must be 2 minutes or less. The purpose of this video is to either get people to join, help, or donate towards your cause.  You can create either a longer commercial style or mini-documentary style.  It can be community based, or school based.  The process message must be clear.

    SENIOR Video- This will be our Graduation Senior video.  More info to come. 

    Other Projects: Day in the life video, First Sample Interview, PSA Script writing, and Sports edition of Titan TV.

    Grades are based on a point system.  Points will be awarded as follows PER MARKING PERIOD:

    2 Parts:

    1. Project grade- 90% total grade
      1. Individual Goal Proposal 
      2. Requirements checklist 
        1. Script
        2. Basic filming and sound elements
        3. Basic story elements

    3.  Reflection for each project- Individual on Canvas

      1. Filming and cinematography elements
      2. Storytelling
    • How did you meet/miss personal goal
    1. Weekly Engagement- 10% 20 points each week
      1. Weekly reflection for Project goal (on Canvas)
        1. What went well this week
        2. What was frustrating 
      2. Self assessment of work done-
      3. Teacher grade on weekly job performance 


    Academic Integrity:  It is the expectation that every student does his/her own work.  All work must accurately acknowledge and cite sources directly quoted and/or paraphrased.  Failure to comply will result in consequences outlined in the Central Bucks South Academic Integrity Policy

Student Videos

Project Ideas

  • Health Matters-CBTV

    Posted by JAYNE WEISS on 6/20/2018 1:00:00 AM

    C Project Option

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  • Black Vs. Blue

    Posted by JAYNE WEISS on 1/13/2016

    Film, BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER Black Vs. Blue.  You must be available after school as well as the night of BVB.  Your filming will start during 3rd marking period.  You can use this film as a C Project for the 3rd Marking period.   This can count for TWO projects (promo for marking period and project for marking period 4).  See me if you are interested.  Please hit comment to sign up for it. 


    School-Wide Event Feature:  You will film the live event and create a feature based on the event for use as a promotional piece.  Project may include filming entire event.  This can count as an A project and C project.

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  • End of the Year Video (4th MP) Seniors only

    Posted by JAYNE WEISS on 1/26/2015
    You will create 5-7 minute video montage of "the year in review" for seniors.  This will show during Graduation practice.  You must see me if you are interested.  This can count for an A or B project during the 4th marking period.  It can count for a C project during the third and fourth marking period. 
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  • Program Planning Videos

    Posted by JAYNE WEISS on 1/26/2015

    If you would like to create a new Program Planning video for elective courses, please hit comment with the course you are interested in doing.  See me for ideas. 

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  • Student Spotlight

    Posted by JAYNE WEISS on 1/26/2015


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  • South Spotlight on a club/event

    Posted by JAYNE WEISS on 1/26/2015

    Spotlight On South (Spotlight, highlighting South history, programs and future.)

    General AssignmentTimely news, information and current events. May contain spot news coverage, investigations and feature stories on any newsworthy subject. Tell a story in video news format it in three minutes or less.

    Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs: Content devoted to cultural or artistic significance

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  • South Spotlight on a Person

    Posted by JAYNE WEISS on 1/26/2015
    Spotlight on a teacher, student, staff, or faculty member that has gone the extra mile to help others.
    If interested, please sign up by hitting Comment.  You must give your name and topic idea.
    General AssignmentTimely news, information and current events. May contain spot news coverage, investigations and feature stories on any newsworthy subject. Tell a story in video news format it in three minutes or less.
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