• Course Syllabus

    Grades are based on a point system.  Points will be awarded as follows:

    Production projects-

    1. Camera review project:  Learn how to use Adobe Premiere and practice your filming skills. 
    2. Door Project- Review continuity by creating a brief fun example.  This is based on a national film challenge. 
    3. Titan TV Features-   Each student will create content for Titan TV episodes.  You will edit it and export it to send to me.  I will put all parts of the show together.  If you are interested in recording the anchor segments, let me know!  You will be responsible for 5 different types of features that must be completed by the end of the marking period.  


    Academic Integrity:  It is the expectation that every student does his/her own work.  All work must accurately acknowledge and cite sources directly quoted and/or paraphrased.  Failure to comply will result in consequences outlined in the Central Bucks South Academic Integrity Policy.