• Level I:  Learn the Basics

    This class will concentrate on:

    • The media with an emphasis on television, and its impact on society
    • A Personal account of television viewing and reflection on why certain programs are chosen
    • How television works
    • TV Studio terminology and procedures
    • Production of live-to-tape television productions
    • Learn basic video editing techniques


    Grades are based on a point system.  Points will be awarded as follows:


    • Camera work Presentation
    • Photo Journal
    • News Journal Assignment
    • Daily Assignments


    Filming projects: These projects will be longer and more involved. 


    1. Intro Video:  Students will create an introductory video that introduces themselves to the class.  They will also learn how to use Adobe Premier during this assignment.
    2. Continuity Test:  Students will film a quick action keeping continuity in mind.
    3. Door Project.  Students will take part in a national film challenge.  

    Studio Production:

    Students will have the opportunity to write, direct, and work as a crew member for a Live-to-Record Studio production.  This is the biggest project of the marking period.  

    Academic Integrity:  It is the expectation that every student does his/her own work.  All work must accurately acknowledge and cite sources directly quoted and/or paraphrased.  Failure to comply will result in consequences outlined in the Central Bucks South Academic Integrity Policy

Class Paperwork