• 4p's Marketing and Advertising Fundamentals4p's

    For the next nine weeks we will look at the business process of developing, promoting and distributing products. This course will provide you with insight into the workings of the business world, make you a wiser consumer and perhaps even interest you in a career.


    Course Content Includes

    The World of Marketing
    The Current US Market
    Product Planning
    Branding and Promotion
    All in-class activities and assignments to be submitted for a grade must be stored on and submitted from the Central Bucks Student Network Server. Please check with Mrs. Accetta if planning on using a flash drive for graded assignments.

    Course Documents
    ASSIGNMENTS -- All assignments should be accessed through the corresponding Canvas course. Listed below are the links for each Block and Marking Period
    Marking Period 3 - Block 3  https://cbsd.instructure.com/courses/23293
    Marking Period 3 - Block 4  https://cbsd.instructure.com/courses/30906
    Marking Period 4 - Block 1  https://cbsd.instructure.com/courses/23251
    Marking Period 4 - Block 4  https://cbsd.instructure.com/courses/23271