• Welcome to the story of our country!  We all have an understanding of the history of the United States, but you are about to take this to a whole other level.  This promises to be a very intense, but rewarding experience.
    The APUSH Summer Assignment TASK 1 is due the first day of School.  Here you will find all necessary documents to complete the assignment.
    The summer assignment is comprised of two parts.
    Part One:  Summer reading and task completion.  DUE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL
    Part Two:  An essay, based on the summer work.  THIS WILL BE COMPLETED AT THE END OF THE FIRST UNIT.
    Here you will find the necessary documents to complete the assignment:

    Summer Assignment

    If you have any questions before the first day email Mr. Hetrick   thetrick@cbsd.org   or Mr. Clifford  jclifford@cbsd.org