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    Classroom Policies and Expectations


    Grading and Expectations: The grade that students earn will be based upon the points    they earn in the following categories:


    Formal Writing Pieces


    Tests /Quizzes



    Literary Responses




                Journals: Students will complete journal entries and daily edits in their journals weekly. The daily edits are designed to teach and reinforce rules of convention such as grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling. Students will use their journals to respond informally to class readings.  Students will be required to maintain a list of their frequently misspelled and misused words. All students will be responsible for using the words on their list correctly throughout the year. 

    s and daily edits in their journals several times per week.

                Formal Writing Pieces: During the course of the school year the students will be required to complete formal essays. Student will earn points in pre-writing activities and in the editing process. MBWS My Best Writing Samples: Students will have opportunities during the school year to submit MBWS entries. Students will be given a writing prompt on Monday and the writing sample will be due on Friday. Students will use a combination of class and homework time to complete these writing pieces. They are encouraged to use resources such as spell-check, grammar-check, and parent or peer editing. They should be proud of their submissions.



     Literary Terms tests and quizzes: There will be many tests and quizzes on literary terms throughout the year. These tests and quizzes will be given and graded on Fridays. Students who wish to improve their grades will have the option of redoing the test for homework.

    Other tests and quizzes: There will be other tests and quizzes on vocabulary and reading comprehension.  Students will not have the take home/re-do option on these quizzes.


                Homework: Students will on occasion be required to complete outlines and rough drafts for homework but most writing will occur under supervision in the classroom. Students will also receive specific homework prior to vocabulary and literary term quizzes.


                Participation: Grades for participation will be based on points earned. Students will receive up to 3 points daily for participation. One point will be earned in each of the following categories: 1.Being prepared with all materials. 2. Active participation.           3. Completing classroom activities.


                Literary Responses: Students will be expected to respond in writing to a variety of literary forms including; poetry, short stories and novels.


                Bookmarks: It is expected and required that students read at least 100 minutes per week outside of class. Students should have a parent or a guardian sign the bookmark. Bookmarks are due every Thursday and are graded on a 15 point scale. Points will be earned by minutes read, signatures, neatness and accuracy of title, author and pages.



    Class Rules

    1.      Be respectful and kind in thought, action, word, attitude and behavior.

    2.      Be on time

    3.      Be prepared.

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