• AP Newtonian Mechanics
    This AP course is designed to address the areas of kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion, energy and power, systems of particles, circular motion and rotation, oscillations, and gravitation. This is a typical first-semester college physics course taken by students majoring in science, math, or engineering. High motivation and an above-average ability in math is important because the course will move at a fast pace and is calculus based.
    Classroom Procedures
    https://www.cbsd.org//Domain/1932  daily for all assignments as well as upcoming tests and quizzes. If you are absent, check the site before you return and come in with the assignments.  You should view the calendar by using the link on the left.

    2. Always be on time. Bring a pencil, notebook, the textbook and a calculator.

    3. Textbooks must be covered and brought to class. You will be responsible for providing a new book if there is any damage done.

    4. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed.
    a. If you are absent the day before the test, you will take the test, during class, on test day.
    b. If you are absent the day of the test, you will take it, during class, the day you return.

    5. Missed work due to absences (including tests, quizzes and labs) must be completed within one week of the original due date or it will result in a zero. 
    6. All work must be shown to receive full credit.

    7. If you need help, ask. Extra help can be scheduled before or after school with prior notice.

    8. No phones, headphones or calculator games will be permitted during class.

    Lab Procedures
    1.You are responsible for replacing any lab equipment that is broken due to misuse. If you misuse the equipment, you will receive a zero for the lab and disciplinary action will follow.

    2. Your lab grade will be determined by your group work, lab procedures, and lab assessment given after the experiment is completed.
    3. If you are absent on the day an experiment is performed, you will make up the lab before or after school and do a lab write up as the assessment.
    -Late labs will not be accepted. A late lab will result in a zero for the assessment.
    -Labs must be TYPED. Any or all of a lab report that is not typed will not be accepted. 

    Grading - The district grading scale will be used.

    1. You will receive grades on a point system for homework, test, quizzes, labs, etc. For the overall grade, all points will be totaled and a percentage will be determined.

    2. Homework is due at the beginning of the period. Handing in homework during the middle or end of the period is unacceptable. No credit will be given for late homework.

    3. All work must be shown on tests, quizzes and homework to receive full credit.

    4. There is NO extra credit.

    5. A class work grade may be given in each marking period based on what you have done in class throughout the quarter.

    6. Grades can be seen on infinite campus. An ‘M’ indicates an assignment is missing and the current value of the missing assignment is a zero. If the assignment is turned in within the required time frame, a grade will replace the ‘M’, if not, the ‘M’ will keep its zero value for the remainder of the quarter.