Singing in Choir at the high school level has MANY benefits for students beyond their continued academic growth as singers and musicians. Students who join Choir will quickly find a community that becomes their "school family" throughout their high school experience! Click here to read more from West Choir students about their positive experience in choir.

    Commitment to a music program is NOT seen as a weakness on a high school transcript. Graduates of the CB West Music Department have gone on to study at the finest institutions across the country, including Ivy League colleges. Colleges are looking for young adults who can positively contribute to the culture of their campus. On numerous occasions, it has been expressed by college admissions office that a student’s dedication, commitment, and willingness to follow through with the study of music throughout high school is seen as a great character strength.



    There are two levels of Choir classes offered at West. All students who are enrolled in a choir class join together to form the full Concert Choir at concerts. Any student who takes a Choir course at West has the opportunity to travel on the annual Spring Music Department trip. Recent destinations have included Disney World, Boston, and Washington D.C.

    The Concert Choir course is available to ALL students at West who like to sing! There are no additional requirements to take this class. It is helpful to have taken Choir in middle school, but not required. Students can expect to develop music literacy skills, strong vocal technique, and to sing a variety of genres ranging from classical to pop a cappella. Grading is tailored toward the individual growth of a student. Students in Concert Choir sing in a Winter and Spring Concert every year and will have 3-4 mandatory (graded) evening rehearsals per semester to put the full choir together. Lunch and Learn may also be used occasionally for full choir rehearsal time. In addition to the concerts, 1 or 2 extra performances, clinics, or adjudications are typically scheduled each year. These may occur inside or outside of school. 

    The Chamber Choir course is an honors-level ensemble class designed for the most advanced singers at West. The prerequisite to take Chamber Choir is a successful audition submitted electronically via Canvas in the spring of the preceding school year. Audition information can be found at the bottom of this page. Students who are in the Chamber Choir continue to advance their music literacy and vocal technique at the highest level. Chamber students are required to participate in Treble or Tenor-Bass Choir, which rehearse after school. When there are multiple class sections of Chamber, there will be some additional rehearsals for the full group scheduled on Monday afternoon choir days and/or Lunch and Learn. Students in Chamber learn advanced repertoire in a variety of genres and have multiple additional performances outside of school throughout the year, including holiday caroling in November and December, the January CB Save the Music concert, and performances throughout the year at venues like Princeton Chapel and other local universities and churches.



    Students who are in an ensemble class (Choir, Band, or Orchestra) can also audition for up to two out of three co-curricular choirs that rehearse exclusively after school. These groups are Treble Choir, Tenor-Bass Choir, and Chord Street A Cappella. These ensembles meet about once per week on Monday afternoons. Auditions take place in September. Audition information will be discussed in classes at the beginning of the school year.

    Treble Choir and Tenor-Bass Choir perform their own sets in the Winter and Spring Concerts and often have one or two additional performances per year. Students are in either Treble or Tenor-Bass Choir, not both. These ensembles are great opportunities to continue furthering your vocal skills and learning new repertoire with students who may or may not be in your choir class during the school day. Each group performs a variety of musical genres throughout the year.

    Chord Street A Cappella is West's contemporary pop a cappella group with mic-bass and vocal percussion (think Pentatonix). Out of all the choral groups, this ensemble requires the greatest time commitment outside the school day for rehearsals and performances. Singers need to be extremely confident vocally, comfortable with basic choreography, and willing to take lots of feedback to improve. Chord Street is West Choir's "gigging" group and performs at various local events. Members also can expect to attend 3-5 a cappella festivals, adjudications, and competitions throughout the year. 


    Click HERE for information about Music Electives to take opposite Choir and how to place Choir in your schedule!



    Check back in 2025 for information about auditioning for the Honors Chamber Choir course for the 2025-26 school year.