• Disney's Beauty & The Beast Singing Audition Resources

    Click here to view/download/print the one page information sheet with dates, etc. that was emailed out to the school community on Nov 6th.  (coming soon - hasn't been updated yet).  

    For singing auditions, check out all the possible songs and choose the one that is the best fit for your voice.  It doesn't matter which character originally sings the song - choose the one that you feel you can learn/sing the best.  For auditions, you'll only sing between 30 seconds to a minute (most theater auditions ask for 16 bars of a song!). 

    Acting audition materials can be found on Ms. Ambrosini's "Musical News" page, here.  

    Song choices for singing auditions for Disney's Beauty And The Beast are as follows: 

    • Be Our Guest (originally sung by Lumiere) 
    • Beauty And The Beast (originally sung by Mrs. Potts)
    • Belle (audition portions sung by Belle)
    • Gaston (audition portions sung by LeFou/Gaston)
    • If I Can't Love Her (sung by Beast) 

    Here are PDFs that show you which portion of each song you would sing.  Look below for tracks to sing along with to help you prepare.  Mr. Glaser will be happy to change the key of your song for your audition if that will help you be more successful.  

    Be Our Guest

    Beauty And The Beast



    If I Can't Love Her


    Be Our Guest:  

    The version below (from the Broadway soundtrack) is in the key of Bb, which is higher than the sheet music.  You can sing in any key.  Feel free to "talk-sing" your way through any portion of this song that you would like to - perform!!! 

    (starts at 0:24 and ends at 1:04)


    Beauty and the Beast (AKA "Tale As Old As Time")

    (starts at 1:57 and ends at 2:42)



    If you choose this song, you are to prepare both short snippets.

    First snippet is 0:28 through 0:49, second snippet is 2:36 through 3:04



    Feel free to change octaves in this song between the opening and the main melody if you need to...

    Sing from 0:57 to 1:37


    If I Can't Love Her

    Sing from 3:03 through end