• School Counseling Assignment Changes

    Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, school counselors at all three Central Bucks high schools will be assigned to students according to last name, rather than by “house.” This change will result in several benefits for students and families.

    • Working with all students in the household will enable counselors to build meaningful relationships with families.
    • Engaging with students across grade levels in a given school year will help counselors connect with the student body as a whole.
    • Building well-developed relationships with classroom teachers fosters collaboration that results in solutions to meet student needs and enhance their learning.
    • Sharing tasks across the school counseling team will create more available time to meet one on one with students.
    • Creating a true “School Counseling Suite” will enhance the services provided to all students.

    We look forward to working with students and families! Download infographic for more details.