Mystery Reader
  • I am looking for parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles or anyone who would be interested in being a mystery reader in our classroom.  I would like to have a different reader as often as possible throughout the year.  So, you are wondering, what would you have to do???


    You would be reading a short picture book of your choice to our class.  It can relate to a theme we are doing, a current holiday or it can simply be your favorite book.  Believe it or not, I have even heard of parents and grandparents dressing up to the occasion!  This is a fun and different way for the children to experience literature.  I hope you will join in the fun.


    If you (or someone you know) would be interested, please email me with the mystery reader’s first and last name, phone number/email where he/she can be reached.  Please feel free to sign up more than one person.  I will schedule mystery readers based on our schedule but will do my best to be flexible to accommodate yours.  Please let me know if you are also interested in a certain theme or holiday. 


    Please feel free to contact me throughout the year if you have another mystery person or a change is needed.  This is a SURPRISE for the shining stars! 


    We look forward to our many MYSTERY READERS!!!!