• National History Day offers students with a passion for history the chance to research and present a topic that goes above and beyond what they learn in class. After finding a topic that fits the annual theme, students complete research that helps them create a paper, documentary, exhibit, website, or performance sharing a historical argument on that topic. Students compete individually or in a small group at the regional competition. Success at the regional level can lead to an invitation to the State contest. NHD's National Contest occurs in June in College Park, Maryland.  

    NHD takes the form of an extra-curricular club at C.B. East. Interested students are welcome to reach out to Mr. Johnson or one of hte NHD club officers for more information about participating in NHD. 

    NHD's theme for 2023 is The 2022-2023 theme is "Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas."