• Q: What does the band schedule look like at Lenape Middle School?

    A: Students that play woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments enroll in band with Mr. Cohen; these grade level specific classes rehearse in sections every other day for the entirety of the school year.  These classes are credited and part of the middle school transcript-- students who enroll in band are NOT pulled from other classes and do NOT miss any opportunities during their time at Lenape!


    Q: I perform in Orchestra or sing in Choir-- can I be in two ensembles at the middle school level?

    A:  Yes!  Students who perform across multiple ensembles can be "shared" between classes.  This gives our students an opportunity to learn a varied set of musical techniques and have more performance opportunities.  If this applies to you, please reach out to Mr. Cohen (band), Mrs. Tosti (orchestra), or Mrs. Rogers (choir).


    Q: Can a student join the extra-curricular bands (Jazz Band / Wind Ensemble) and still participate in sports?

    A: For sure.  We have several students that compete on a sports team while also participating in a select after-school ensemble like Jazz Band or Wind Ensemble.  A schedule can be worked out with coaches and musical directors to ensure that students can get both activities on practice days.  Concerts and games are prioritized as they occur-- the key is consistent and proactive communication!  We can make any situation work well for our students, families, teams, and ensembles.


    Q: I'm not in band yet but am interested-- can I start an instrument in 7th, 8th, or 9th Grade?

    A: Absolutely!  Students can pick up a band instrument during their time at Lenape Middle School.  Mr. Cohen will work with any student who is interested in joining band to help them select an instrument that fits their needs and skill level.  From there, our supplemental Intervention & Enrichment time on Wednesdays is a great opportunity to make sure our students have extra time to practice and receive musical guidance.


    Q: Are there parent volunteer needs for the Band Program?

    A: Yes-- there are several annual events that require the need for parent involvement and assistance.  This includes the Lenape Jazz Clinic/Festival and Memorial Day Parade; please reach out directly to Mr. Cohen if your parent is interested in learning more about volunteer needs.


    Q: What am I going to experience in band with Mr. Cohen?

    A:  For Mr. Cohen, band is an experience for EVERYONE.  We don't have a "bench" -- the group always succeeds and grows as a whole team, and everyone's role is equally important.  Students will obviously learn to grow their musical abilities and performance skills, but more importantly... students will strive to improve as well-rounded and responsible members of the Central Bucks community, prepared to move on to high school at CB West and beyond.


    If you have any specific questions about scheduling or the Lenape Band Program, please contact Mr. Cohen: seacohen@cbsd.org