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    Date Topic Assignment
    10/1 Binary numbers Worksheet #1
    10/2 If statements

    Worksheet #2

    Date Topic Assignment
    10/1 Binary numbers Worksheet #1

    Worksheet #1 and #2

    Library Policies

    The library is a place where everyone is welcome
    to study, work and relax!

    Mission Statement:

    The library media center is an integral part of the instructional program at Central Bucks East High School, and is dedicated to ensuring that school community members are effective users of ideas and information. Our mission is accomplished:

    •by providing intellectual and physical access to material in a variety of formats
    •by providing instruction to foster competence in accessing, evaluating and utilizing information
    •by promoting an interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas
    •by collaborating with other educators to design learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students
    •by gathering resources and planning activities that complement and supplement the curriculum and contribute to lifelong learning
    Hours and Use:
    East's Library is open:
    Monday - Thursday from 7:10 a.m. to 3:50 p.m.
    Friday from 7:10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    East’s Virtual Library is open 24/7.

    Before and After School:
    You are welcome to use the library without a pass. Please sign in.

    During School:
    You must have a pass signed by a subject teacher, even during lunch, and you must sign in. Remain in the library for the entire class period.

    Please Note:
    · Computers are for academic purposes only.
    · Email is not accessible until after 2:30.
    · Please do not eat or drink in the library, except for water at the tables only.
    · Library computers have Microsoft Office 2010. If you have a different version at home, be sure to select the correct file type when saving a document to ensure compatibility between home and school.


    You may check out as many books as you need. Your ID card is helpful, but not required. Books are available for two weeks and may be renewed.

    Online databases may be the best source of information. However, the library also subscribes to a number of print magazines. The list of titles is available at the circulation desk. Ask the library staff for the magazine if it is not in the display racks. Magazines may only be used in the library.
    The reference collection may be used in the library only. With a teacher's permission, a reference book may be checked out overnight.

    Fines and Overdues:

    Return books on time in order to avoid fines. For each school day that a book is late, 10¢ will be charged, with no upper limit. The fine is 25¢ per school day for a reference book. Reminders may be sent to your homeroom. Unpaid fines or overdue books may result in the loss of privileges such as prom tickets, a parking permit, and a diploma. After repeated reminders you may also receive a detention from the house principal.

    Printing and Copying:

    Print to the default printer on the printer list (the one with the check mark next to it). Students may print up to 10 pages per library visit. For excess printing, a 5¢ fee will be charged per page. Not using the printer friendly version will be considered excess printing. Wikipedia is not a valid source for school projects; therefore anything printed from Wikipedia will be considered excess printing.

    There is no longer a photocopier in the library.

    Page updated 10/20/11.

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