• Guitar Class

  • Guitar Class at Lenape Middle School is a music elective open to all 9th Grade students.  This class does NOT require previous musical background!  That said, students with years of guitar experience are still encouraged to enroll.  Curriculum and goals in this class focus on differentiating the needs of each individual-- flexibility in lessons allow for consistent growth and success by students of all musical skill levels / backgrounds.


    Students on the Level I Track (no previous guitar experience) will:

    • learn how to read traditional musical notation
      • learn how to perform well-known melodies like Ode to Joy and The Star Spangled Banner
    • learn how to read guitar tablature
      • learn how to perform famous guitar riffs like Seven Nation Army and Smoke on the Water
    • learn how to read and understand chord charts
      • learn chord progressions using the G, Em C, D, Am, A, G7, D7, C7, A7, E7, and C9 chords
    • have freedom to learn songs of their own choosing!


    Students on the Level II Track (previous guitar experience) will:

    • learn how to perform more advanced chords, like Dm, Bm, Fmaj, among others
    • learn how to utilize barre chords and jazz chord shapes
    • learn how to implement fingerstyle/fingerpicking techniques
    • learn how to improvise using the pentatonic scale over a 12 Bar Blues
    • have freedom to learn songs of their own choosing!


    Students who can demonstrate a mastery of ALL of the above techniques and concepts will be eligible for a custom and individualized set of goals set by Mr. Cohen.