• Exp Music

  • Exploratory Music at Lenape Middle School is a music class designed for all 8th Grade students that are not enrolled in a performing ensemble class (band, orchestra, or choir).  This class is designed to encourage and excite 8th Graders to understand that music is a language for all, and to give opportunities of creativity and empowerment through listening, performance, and composition.


    Throughout this course, students will have the opportunity to:

    • listen to and appreciate a variety of music and repertoire across several genres
    • learn about song structure and how music is built to engage a listener
    • discuss the importance of music in film, TV, and video games to understand the role it has in media
    • explore how producers and mixing engineers use software to make beats and songs
    • perform on ukele, guitar, and drums to gain a wide perspective in musical techniques


    ... among many other experiences!