Concert Attire


    Students will be given the definition of acceptable concert attire and it will be up to the families to provide acceptable concert attire that meets those minimum requirements for the concerts. 

    For students that double in other music ensembles, The typical uniforms in our school choirs/orchestra will meet the standard. 

    Standard "CONCERT BLACK" concert attire will be:


    1.   A Full length Black dress (dress length MUST be minimally below the knee)  with Black dress shoes.  
    2.  A Full length Black Skirt (skirt length MUST be minimally below the knee) with a formal black dress top.  Black dress shoes.  
    3.   A Black Suit or Tuxedo  (button down shirt may be white, but the pants, jacket, socks, and shoes should be black).   Black shoes should be formal.  
    4.   Formal Black dress pants (No jeans) with a formal BLACK dress shirt/top.   Black shoes and socks.  

    Here are some images of acceptable uniforms: 



    Examples of unacceptable "CONCERT BLACK" concert attire will be:

    • SNEAKERS are NOT acceptable footwear at concerts...even if they are black  (unless the concert has been deemed casual).  
      • sneaksblack sneaks 
    • Black Casual Boots are not acceptable footwear as they are not formal.  
      • docs 
    • LEGGINGS/YOGA PANTS are not acceptable (unless being worn under a skirt...this scenario will be discussed in class). 
      • leggings
    • Dresses/skirts which are above the knee.   (we often perform on a raised stage).   
      • short black dress
    • White socks with black pants/shoes.  (we live in a society) 
      • white socks
    • We do NOT wear "concert black and white" while this is close and would be perfectly fine with a black jacket added, it does not meet our requirement 
      • black and white


    It is our job as performers to present ourselves in a professional manner during performances and meeting the basic needs of the uniform helps in that regard. 


    Thank you all for your attention in this matter.