• September 10 Update

    Happy Friday, CBO Families!

    I hope the 2021-2022 school year is off to a great start.  It’s hard to believe that we are already on day #6! Based on our pop-in observations and communications, things seem to be going very well for all classrooms. Below are a few updates that pertain specifically to online students.

    Material Pickup Next Week: For certain, all students will have an Art kit to pickup next week. Some homeroom teachers are also sending materials home.

    • You can pick up these materials at your home school on Tuesday (9/14), Wednesday (9/15), or Friday (9/17) between 9:00-4:00. They will be in the office vestibule area labeled with your child’s name.
    • These materials will be used as early as Monday, (9/20).

    Picture Day: Each home school building will eventually communicate in-person picture day information via their building newsletter.

    • CBO families who wish to get their child’s photo taken can choose one of the following options:
      1. Attend the in-person picture day.  Please be sure to communicate to your building if you plan to attend so they can give you the timing of photos.
      2. Go to the C and C studio. Please reach out to the studio directly by calling 215-345-1851 or emailing candcphotostudios@verizon.net to schedule your individual photo session.
    • All individual students will appear in the yearbook for their home school, only if they get their picture taken this year.
    • Class picture: Some home schools are still taking whole-group photos. Others will have class composites created with individual photos.
    • CB Online School will not have a separate year book.

    Field Trips: If you are interested in attending any planned in-person field trips with your home school, please do the following-

    • Inform your in-person and online homeroom teachers of your intention to attend the trip so both teachers can plan accordingly.
    • Your child will be marked present for CBO, but may be asked to make up any missed work that occurred during CBO class.
    • Since our CBO classes are made up of multiple home schools, opportunities and dates of trips may differ for students.

    I appreciate your ongoing support and collaboration as we work together to provide your child a quality CB education.  Continue to reach out if you have any needs or questions. 


    Lindsay Smith, M.Ed.

    August 27 Update

    Good afternoon, Online School Families –

    Ready or not, the 2021-2022 school year is upon us! We wanted to ensure you had information about the first day of school, which is this Monday, August 30.  You all should have heard from your online teacher(s) by now.  They are a fabulous and experienced group of educators who were all part of our district last year; Many of them part of our virtual academy.

    Schedule: All online students will be following an A-School schedule.  (8:35-3:15)

    • Students in grades K-6 will attend school from 8:35-3:15 each day on Microsoft Teams.
    • AM-Kindergarten students report from 8:35-11:10.
    • PM-Kindergarten students report from 12:40-3:15.
    • Lunch & Specials will be mirroring the in-person schedules to ensure our teachers get common planning time with their grade-level partners. Specials will be asynchronous for the first week via a link that your online teacher will share.  









    1:00-1:30 (Mon)

    2:35-2:55 (Weds)



















      Below is a list of all of our online teachers.  Our grade K-3 teachers are working from Mill Creek Elementary. Our grade 4-6 teachers are working from Bridge Valley Elementary.  




    Amanda Dean


    Brittany Ganzman


    Steph Kull


    Jaclyn Parzanese


    Sam Goldberg


    Amanda Mitnik

    Spec Ed

    Olivia Saul


    Eva Klukiewicz


    Kelly DeMaria


    Julie Alexander


    Brittany Rose


    Casey Stuhl


    Megan Andress

    Spec Ed

    Elisa Barbera

    Phys Ed

    Bryan Reice


    Abigail Marchione


    Anthony Arno


    Kaitlyn Howley



      Due to the temporary nature of the Online School, we are encouraging all families to stay closely connected with their home school for communications.  You will be receiving email newsletters from your home school and not from the Online School, which is a change from last year.  If you have questions or concerns, please use the following chain of communication.

    • Online-Only Teacher – Please start with your online teacher when you have any questions or concerns that you would like addressed. (S)he will reach out to the next person in line if they are unable to answer it.
    • Home School Principal – If you have questions related to your child (behavior, counseling, academic, etc.) or topics that are general in nature please contact your home school building principal.
    • Lindsay Smith, Supervisor of Educational Technology – I will be overseeing the teachers, attendance, technology concerns, and specific questions related to the CB Online School. 
    • In-Person Teacher – There will be no reason to contact this teacher until you transition back to in-person schooling. You may want to attend the in-person Back-to-School-Night, but it is not required.

    Material Pickup:  We will ask families to pickup materials from their home school periodically throughout the semester. 

    • Devices – By now, students should have access to their iPad (K-2) or Laptop (3-6). If not, please reach out to your home school ASAP to schedule that pickup. Be sure to visit www.cbsd.org/1to1 for directions on how to setup your device.
    • Curriculum Materials – Our first pickup should have included some of our curriculum materials. Your online-only teacher will be communicating future dates for material pickups.

    First Week of School: We are looking forward to working with your child. The goal of our first week is to ensure all students can successfully log into their device and access their class Teams calls. Although teachers are looking forward to jumping into our curriculum, the priority is to build classroom community and expectations.  It may take 1-2 weeks before students are fully emerged in district curriculum.

    We understand that this may be a stressful time of year.  Having three children of my own in the district, I understand the feelings of uncertainty that will fill your homes this weekend.  My centering thought at home is “Keep it simple, and make it fun for the kids!” The only things your child needs for the first day of school is access to a device, internet, and a Teams link.  Everything else will fall into place. Have your child pick out their first day of school outfit. Eat a delicious breakfast. Take that obligatory first-day of school picture. Pick a comfortable & quiet place to work. Pack a healthy lunch. Finally, have your child come ready to meet their teacher and new friends!

    August 18 Update

    Dear K-6 Online-Only Families,

    This email contains updates on a few items pertaining to students enrolled in our K-6 Online-Only School.

    Online-Only Teacher: You can log into the Infinite Campus parent portal after 10 a.m. on Thursday, August 19th to see your child(ren)’s online-only classroom teacher.  It is also important that you know who the in-person elementary classroom teacher your child has been assigned to at your home school. This information will no longer be visible in the parent portal after today, however, you may call your child’s home school office to learn the name of your child’s in-person teacher at any time.

    Technology & Materials: You will need to pick up your child(ren)’s device and necessary materials at their home school building prior to August 30th. A communication noting date, time and location for this pick up is forthcoming. All MyPayments plus fees must be completed prior to pickup. Information can be found at www.cbsd.org/1to1

    Back-to-School Night: You are encouraged to attend your home school BTSN with your assigned in-person elementary classroom teacher. Online-only teachers will be sending out pre-recorded welcome videos prior to the start of school along with their contact information. The online-only school will not be hosting a separate back-to-school night.

    School Supplies: All online-only students will eventually need to be prepared with the supplies requested by their in-person teacher. To be successful in the online-only environment, students should have a dedicated work space at home with reliable internet. Headphones are also encouraged to limit distractions by others who may be in the home. Additionally, students will need a container of materials that they can independently access throughout the day, including pencils, scissors, glue sticks, erasers, crayons, colored pencils, a highlighter, dry erase markers, and a black sharpie.  Online-only teachers will be communicating other supply needs, such as folders, notebooks, etc.

    Point of Contact: If you have questions or concerns throughout the year, we encourage you to start communication with your online-only teacher.  If necessary, you can reach out to your home school building principal with specific school-related questions. Due to the temporary nature of the online-only school, we are encouraging families to stay connected with their home school as best as possible; therefore, there will be limited online-only school-specific communication.  Please refer to home school communications for district updates and news. Classroom community will be a focus of each online-only teacher to ensure each student feels connected to his/her peers.

    Lindsay Smith, Supervisor of Educational Technology, will be overseeing logistics and technological needs of the online-only school.  For technical support, please place a Help Desk ticket using your child’s username and password by clicking here.


    Nadine M. Garvin, Ed.D.
    Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education


    Archived Communication

    Based upon the results of the elementary online-only enrollment process, the district will offer online-only classes at each elementary grade level when the school year begins on August 30, 2021.

    Over the next week, administration will finalize classroom teacher assignments for each district-wide grade level class. Families will receive more details regarding school day and program, as well as notification of their child’s online-only classroom teacher during the week of August 16. Every effort will be made to group together students with others from their home school.

    If you have elected this option for your child, and you have not done so already, please log on to the parent portal (no later than Friday, August 13, 2021) to learn the identity of your child’s in-person elementary classroom teacher. Spaces in these in-person assigned classrooms in each student’s home school will be held for online-only students to return to when a vaccine is made available and online-only classes are closed.

    As a reminder, if you have chosen the online program option for your child, we ask that you remain in this option at least until the end of the first trimester, or until after a COVID-19 vaccine is made available to children under age 12. Timelines for closing the online-only elementary program will be determined based upon vaccine availability for children under age 12, and vaccine administration guidelines.