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    Updated 11/5/2020

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    Previous Updates

    I am pleased to announce that Select Choirs will take place this year!

    The audition window is October 11th - 24th. 

    All auditions will be submitted via video.

    Interested students should review the Preperation Tools below and follow the steps given to audition for Chamber Choir, Women's Ensemble, and/or Men's Ensemble. 




    Sing along with each of these videos to determine which key your feel highlights your voice the best. 

    Vocal Guide - Key of F

    Vocal Guide - Key of A

    Vocal Guide - Key of C

    Vocal Guide - Key of Eb - Low

    Vocal Guide - Key of Eb - HIgh



    When you are feeling comfortable singing in a certain key, you should practice using the audition videos below.  You will also use these later in the process when it is time to record your audition.  I do not sing in these videos, but I do  give you a visual cue to start and will conduct throughout. When you are ready to audition you MUST sing along with one of these videos.


    Audition Video - Key of F

    Audition Video - Key of A 

    Audition Video - Key of C

    Audition Video - Key of Eb



    1) If you have not taken advantage of the preparation tools listed above, DO THAT NOW.  You will be confused by the rest of the process if you have not checked out the preparation materials!

    2) Join the LENAPE SELECT CHOIR AUDITION Canvas page by clicking HERE.

    3) Go through the "Audition Process" module on Canvas (it should show up on the front page!) carefully to complete your audition.  All parts of the audition (surveys and audition video(s)) are due on Saturday nignt, October 24th (11:59pm).  As you will also read in the Canvas page, you may submit video auditions in up to 2 different keys. 


    I will be assessing your videos in the following categories: 

    TONE - Srength of voice, consistancy of tone throughout the vocal range

    BREATH - Singing with support, taking breaths at marked spots in the music

    VOWEL SHAPE - Singing with tall vowels 

    DICTION - Precision and Clarity

    EXPRESSION - Face and body is engaged while singing