Dear First Grade Families,             


    Hello! My name is Mrs. Rosica and I want to let you know how excited I am to be your teacher!  I have enjoyed being a second grade teacher at Butler for the last two years, and I cannot wait to join the amazing students and staff in first grade.


    I am spending plenty of time with my family and friends this summer while getting ready for some big changes in the fall. Besides starting my new job in first grade, my son Matthew is heading off to Washington, DC for his first year of college.  Ryan, my 20-year-old, will begin his junior year in college, and my daughter, Mia, will start her last year of middle school!  In the meantime, we are taking some family trips and enjoying the summer as much as we can!


    From the moment I found out that I would be your teacher this year, I haven’t stopped thinking of all the fun things that we will experience together.  We will learn about our community, plants, animals, and weather. We will be reading many wonderful stories. We will also write stories, poems, and reports on things we learn. In math, we will investigate numbers, place value, addition, and subtraction.


    Enjoy the last few weeks of summer as much as you possibly can! Get outside, spend some time with family and friends, and try new things so that you will have many interesting stories to share with your new classmates!  I can’t wait to see you this fall! We are going to have an amazing year together.



    Mrs. Rosica