• Sound

  • What are the BIG IDEAS we will be learning?

    1. Sounds are made by sources all around us and can be described in different ways.
    2. All sounds are made by vibrations.
    3. Sound travels through air and other materials. It travels through some materials better than others.
    4. Sound travels by causing vibrations in the air or in other materials.
    5. The shape and parts of the ear allow sound to travel through it so we can hear.
    6. Changing the vibrations changes the sounds (pitch and volume).
    Pitch- how high or low a sound is
    Volume- how loud or soft a sound is
    7. You can apply what you know about sound and vibration to design and build musical instruments that can change pitch and volume.

    Click here to view Sound Study Guide.

    Making Our Own Instruments

    Please begin collecting some of the following recyclable materials to send in for our instrument making activity at the end of this unit.
    * shoeboxes or other small boxes 
    * paper towel or toilet paper tubes
    * masking tape
    * cups (different sizes)
    * beads, buttons, rice, or other objects than make noise
    * clean and empty plastic bottles or containers
    * string, twine, or rope
    * anything around the house that might be useful in constructing our instruments
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