Welcome from our principal, Mr. Watters

  • Making Memories

    I was only ever sent to the Principal’s office once during my elementary school experience. Sadly that was about the only time that I ever saw my elementary school Principal. He wasn’t visible throughout the school. He didn’t know many of the students on a first name basis. Collectively, when I think back to my elementary school experience, the memories are a bit like Swiss cheese. There are a few solid memories I can still see, hear, smell, and relive if I think hard about those days. For the most part, regretfully, my elementary school experience wasn’t very memorable.

    But memorable experiences are exactly what I want for the students of Warwick Elementary. As the Principal of Warwick Elementary I look forward to building many memories with you and your children for years to come.

    Chad M. Watters

    Mr. Watters with students