• Classroom Expectations

    Our class worked collaboratively to create a Mission Statement which illustrates the expectations they have for one another this year.

    Our Class Mission Statement

    We are in second grade to learn, make new friends, do our best, and have fun! We want to accomplish many things like being better readers and writers, showing good behavior, learning new skills, and working together. We will treat others the way we want to be treated and use our best manners. We will respect others, use kind words like “please” and “thank you”, help others, share, listen when others are talking and wait our turn, keep our hands to ourselves, and encourage others. We will respect our classroom by cleaning up our messes, taking care of our supplies, keeping our desk neat, returning things we borrow, and throwing away trash. We want our class to feel happy, excited, included, safe, comfortable, and proud in school.

    Room 133