• Spain 2022

    Important reminder about passports:

    If you have not yet applied for a passport, please do so immediately. There are significant delays and it can take up to 8 months to get one!


    Important info regarding the Welcome Email from T&E:

    Before you contact T&E or Ms. Gray, please check both the student participant's email

    (as well as any other emails you may have entered) for the Welcome Email

    (primary inboxes as well as SPAM folders). Everyone in the CB Spain group

    should have received the Welcome Email by now. You will need to set Travel &

    Education (info@travelandeducation.org and admin@travelandeducation.org) as

    SAFE SENDERS to avoid missing future communications from our company. Once

    you locate the Welcome Email you will have access to your account to make

    appropriate changes.

    Click HERE to access the Powerpoint from the meeting on 5/18/21- you will have to put it in presentation mode and click to begin. There is audio on each slide.

    Click HERE to access the PPT recording with Q&A at the end. THE SOUND AND PPT BEGAN AT MINUTE 1:27 DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES.

    Please listen to the FAQ's that were addressed at the end. After listening, if you still have a question email Stacy Gray at SLGRAY@CBSD.ORG .


    *Do not begin this application until you have email addresses and a phone number for your parent/guardian and are prepared to write a very brief essay.

    All components of the online application process must be completed by Friday, May 28, 2021.


      Use this checklist as you complete required items to apply for the Study Abroad: Spain 2022 course: 

    ____ This Application Form Link to application
    ____ Parent Approval Form Link to Parent/Guardian Approval Form  NOTE: If parents are legally divorced, each parent must complete their own approval form.
    ____ Submit one NON-WORLD LANGUAGE teacher recommendation (use this forms link Link to Teacher Recommendation
    ____ Submit one WORLD LANGUAGE teacher recommendation (use this forms link Link to Teacher Recommendation
    ____ Submit your brief essay (you can type it in the very last question of the application form) expressing in Spanish why you should be chosen to go to Spain and to participate in this course.


    Please follow directions carefully! All of the above components must be complete and submitted by the due date. You are required to get TWO teacher recommendations in addition to this application form. Copy the forms link from our website (cbsd.org, Teaching and Learning tab, Spain 2022 on left) and email it to the two teachers who you would like to fill it out; one recommendation must be from a Spanish teacher and one must be from a non-Spanish teacher in CB.



    Here is a copy of T&E's refund policy.

    Refund Policy