• Holicong Music Info For Current 6th Graders

    Here's the video we created this year to introduce ourselves to you and give you some basic info!  Remember that if you have any questions, you can always email one of us and we'll be happy to get back to you!  

    • Mr. C (band) - jchodoroff@cbsd.org
    • Mr. Glaser (choir) - jglaser@cbsd.org
    • Mrs. Repper (orchestra) - jrepper@cbsd.org


    Here's the video we made for last year's students!  We'll be sharing a new one with a couple updates before President's Day!  


    Here's the PDF document we made that has all the information about our after-school groups and activities AND answers to frequently-asked questions about topics like: 

    • What opportunities are there for students who play piano, guitar, electric bass?
    • Can I be involved in more than one ensemble (band, choir, orchestra)? 

    Come back here for more helpful info, videos, etc.