Holidays Around the World

  • Holidays Around the World


    Happy Holiday Season!


    Join the Titus Community as we embark on a virtual trip across the globe to learn about how holidays are celebrated around the world.  On our trip, we will learn how many countries and cultures celebrate the holiday season!  


    Below, you can print out your passport and a map for your journey.


    The links on the left side of the page will take you to each stop along our trip where you can listen to videos created by the Titus teachers to help you learn about the different holiday celebrations and traditions.  From there, you can fill out your passport, create a souvenir postcard, read more about each holiday, and complete your departure ticket before moving on to the next stop.  


    We hope that you and your family enjoy this trip learning about holidays around the world!

  • If you are not able to print at home, please email Mrs. Snyder at  Please provide your child's name and teacher and a paper copy can be sent home.