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    Please enjoy a few pieces of artwork and creative writing from some 2022 Unami students!


    If you have artwork or creative writing you'd like to submit and have displayed, simply e-mail it to bkline@cbsd.org


    Baby Fingers

    By: Inchara Kadabagere 

    “Hmmm, I don’t know if I should but this.” Imagine you are in Target, and you see a fluffy pink pillow for $40. Your fingers are itching to place it in the cart, Would you but it?

    No! You should buy it! It may be soft and pink, but $40! Especially when your money is limited! Shopping may be fun, but you can easily get distracted.

    Friends are there to help you out, but sometimes when you shop with your friends, they may try to force you to get something that you are debating about.


    “Should I get it?”  Now that you have read this, would you buy it?