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    Please enjoy a few pieces of artwork and creative writing from some Unami students!


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    Everybody has felt trapped, right?

    By Eli Cerruti


    Everybody has felt trapped. Right?

    Like a fish on a hook, or a bird in the night

    Like a turtle in tar, or when you just don’t feel right

    I’ve been trapped at home, I’ve been trapped outside

    I’ve been stuck in my head, Stuck in the wrong state of mind

    When you just can’t find the right word

    And all yond thee've spken just isn’t hath heard

    We’ve been cut, and bruised, and tampered, and tortured

    We’ve been trapped singing inside an orchard

    And whatever I say comes across as brutal

    I just can’t stand the constant disapproval

    I’ve been trapped trying to find a rhyme for orange

    Stuck saying, “I put my orange, four-inch, door hinge in storage”

    I’ve been stuck in a hole

    Feeling like the equivalent to a lump of coal

    I’ve been trapped upside down

    My feet weren’t on the ground

    We sometimes don’t realize that we get trapped every day

    Like when you want to buy a book but don’t have the money to pay

    Stuck in earth’s atmosphere

    Wanting to get back to the place I constantly revere

    Stuck saying words, words, words

    Mixing up definitions of verbs, verbs, verbs

    I’ll get trapped in something that was set for me

    I’m waiting for someone to set me free

    Stuck in a box

    Getting pulled by an ox

    And I see a fox

    Getting stuck in a pair of socks


    Trapped in a body that wasn’t made for me

    I wish I could fly away as a little bumble bee

    I get stuck thinking about having all the answers

    Whether I’ll go to heaven or hell or get stuck somewhere where everyone’s got high standards

    I would get trapped in a position where I can’t breathe

    The agony I was in was making me seethe

    I get stuck tic-tic-ticking

    When my body moves by itself and my tongue won’t stop clicking

    Stuck in a stutter

    Stuck spreading butter

    My brain is filled with the sound of a camera shutter

    And I’m not all of aflutter

    Trapped in a dystopian society

    And I’m getting taken over by anxiety

    We sometimes feel like a dog in a pound

    Waiting for the jingle of a bell, and when we hear that sound

    We hope and hope and hope and hope and hope and hope and hope

    But, nope! It’s just another dog getting wrapped in a rope

    You might feel trapped in a toxic relationship

    But honey, you just need to board your own boat and avoid that whip

    When people get trapped, it’s killing them softly

    And the pain one might feel can be ungodly

    We need to breathe to release the power inside of us

    And if you get the hang of it, there’s no need to fuss

    So, when you feel like a fish on a hook, or a bird in the night

    Or a turtle in tar, or you just don’t feel right

    Remember that everybody has felt trapped, right?




    Red Riding Pigs

    by Anonymous

    Once upon a time, there lived three little pigs, named Tiny, Tidi, and Biggy. Tiny and Tidi were going over to see brother Biggy’s house. They waddled down a brown, muddy path to get to the house. It was starting to get late in the night so they thought they would only reach the house the next day. They wanted to build a little house for the two of them to spend the night. But neither one could decide what material to build their house in. So, they called out for help. A big bad wolf came along and wanted to eat Tiny and Tidi. So, he told them to make separate houses; one out of straw and the other out of sticks. Big bad wolf did not dare to say brick because then he would not be able to eat them, he thought. He then skipped down on the path and hid in a bush. As the two pigs finished building their houses, they got in and fell fast asleep. Meanwhile, at brother Biggy’s house, brother was worried and wondered where Tiny and Tidi were. So, he got his coat and set off to find them. That night, out of all nights was the scariest night. The trees had faces and the dark animals with red eyes were lurking around. But brother Biggy was determined to find his two little brothers. As he started to get closer, he stumbled on a bush. The same bush big bad wolf was hiding in. Brother Biggy got scared and quickly ran back to his house. The big bad wolf blew the two little pigs houses down and send them running. Then the big bad wolf quickly followed brother Biggy to his house to blow it down too. Brother Biggy knew that his brothers were not safe, so he had to think of a plan. Meanwhile the big bad wolf huffed and puffed to blow Biggy’s house away. But the house would not go down. So, he ran inside the house and put brother Biggy in a closet. Big bad wolf then wore Biggy’s clothes and waited for Tiny and Tidi to come inside the house. At the time Tiny and Tidi were running down the path to brother Biggy’s house. As they reached their brother’s house, they kicked off their shoes and ran inside to greet brother. When they went into brother’s room, they saw that their brother’s skin had darkened. Oh my, they thought, what dark skin he has. Oh my, they thought, what big snout he has. Oh my, they thought, what big ears he has. Oh my, this is not how brother Biggy looks like, this is not our brother Biggy. Worried that the big bad wolf ate their brother Biggy, they took off the sheets and jumped on wolf till he exploded in to pieces. Not finding brother Biggy, they started to cry. All of the sudden, brother Biggy embraced his inner hulk and broke through the closet. Tiny and Tidi were happy to see him at last. They huddled together closely and all fell asleep. 

    THE END! 😊