• Traffic Flow for Student Arrival and Departure 
    Please see map for specific detail. 

    From 7:00-7:30 and 2:30-3:00, traffic in and out of Lenape is ONE WAY.  All traffic must enter from W. STATE STREET (202) and exit on to WEST STREET (back of building). 

    1. Any student who rides a bus will enter the building through the doors next to the choir room (NO CHANGE). 

    1. Any student who arrives PRIOR TO 7:30AM by car will enter through the cafeteria and gym doors. 

    1. All other doors in to the building will be locked, including the Main Office. 

    1. Car riders, please do not exit your car until you are along the backside of the buildingOnce you see a sidewalk, please exit the car and walk to the cafeteria or gym doors.   


    **Please use the “roller coaster” approach to dropping off, which is that all cars pull up just past the  2nd set of cafeteria doors, and then every car in the designated area opens its doors and all kids disembark and walk in to the appropriate set of doorsThe goal is to have 12-15 cars empty at a time rather than 3-4Once all students have exited, the next wave of cars fill in and the process continues until all students have been dropped off. 


    **Cars must then exit on to West StreetPLEASE NO U-TURNS through the parking areasPlease be aware of ONE WAY SIGNS. 


    **Please do not use the church parking lot to drop students offYou are putting your child in danger by doing so.  They will have to cross both bus and car traffic in order to enter the school building.   


    **Please do not drive through bus lanes that run parallel to West State Street (RT. 202). 


    1.  CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS YEARS. In the afternoon, please use the same traffic patternPull all the way around to the back of the school by the cafeteria to pick up your childDo not stop at the main office or gym doors, please move all the way around to the back of the building! 


    Any adult who needs to enter the building, no matter the time, will need to use the Main Office door buzz-in system—even prior to 7:30AM.  If you need to visit the office prior to 7:30AM, please park in the designated visitor parking spots to avoid holding up the traffic line.  If you want to drop off an item, you may do so by leaving in the vestibule, labeled and on your child’s grade level cart/shelf.

    Any student who arrives after 7:30AM should enter through the Main Office door buzz-in system. 

    We appreciate your help and cooperation to make this procedure work in a safe and efficient manner.  Please note:  For safety reasons, please do not drop your child off in the doctor’s office lots or the church lots.  This will create a situation where students will need to walk through staff parking lots or bus lanes in order to enter through the proper doorsOur goal is to keep all students safe and make the drop off time run more smoothly. 

Car Drop Off