Spelling Connections Curriculum
    • A Spelling Pre-test and the Spelling Homework Packet will be given on Monday
    • Completed homework is due in school on Friday
    • Spelling Post-test will be given on Friday
    • Spelling scores will be reported as part of the Writing grade, under Conventions
    Spelling Resources
    • Spelling Connections Website
      • Click on the Spelling Connections website link to go to our spelling program's homepage. On the webpage students can practice their weekly spelling words through word sort, sentence completion, and proof reading activities. There is also an opportunity to participate in a spelling bee.
      • To gain access to this site, parents will have to register their child. Click on the link that says "Students Register Here". The teacher passcode is:
    • Spelling City
      • Click on the Spelling City website link to interact with the weekly spelling words. At this site you type your spelling words into the webiste and it gives the option to test, teach, or play a game with the words. Some of the games to play are word search, hang mouse, match it, alphabetize, unscramble and much much more!
    Writing Genres:


    Students will review, practice, and learn about the following areas of grammar:
    • Nouns, Pronouns, Object & Subject Nouns, Common & Proper, Singular & Plural, Possessive,
    • Verbs, Irregular, Adverbs, Linking Verbs, Action Verbs, Past & Present Tense Verbs
    • Types of Sentences
    • Commonly misspelled words - ex: there, thier, they're
    • Capitalization
    • Punctuation
    • Conjunctions
    • Interjections
    • Prepositions