• Mathj

  •  Assessments:
    • Assessments will be announced in class at least 1 week prior to the assessment date.
    • Study Guides and Review Homework will be given a few days prior to the to help in preparation for the assessment
    • If you need additional help, you must ask prior to the day of the test for help so that a time can be arranged to received extra help
    Homework Policy:
    1. Homework is to be copied into the Student Agenda/Homework Book each day
    2. Homework is to be completed each night and be ready for a teacher check the next school day
    3. If there is a question with a particular homework problem, the student must circle the problem and ask for help the next day from the teacher. The student may also e-mail the teacher (kjhowley@cbsd.org) to ask for clarification/help on a particular problem.
    4. Homework is considered incomplete if the student;
      • left at home
      • left it at school and could no do it
      • forgot to do it
      • left it in their homeroom/locker/kitchen table
      • did not do the complete assignment
    5. Three (3) Incompletes in a Marking Period will be factored into the Success Standards and into the overall Math grade.
    6. Please note, as a Fifth Grader you are responsible for working on your time management. This means working to find time in your day to sit down and do your school work. Excuses for not doing your homework, such as sports games/practice and extra activities will not be accepted.

    Homework Help
    If you have forgotten your Study Links Book or assignment you can:

    • Go to the Everyday Math website link (located on the right-side of this page) and print out the Study Link you need
    • Call a friend to ask what assignment needs to be completed
    • Have a friend read you the math problems and you can handwrite and then solve the problems on a separate sheet of paper
    • If possible, have the friend scan you a copy of the homework page