Dear Sixth Grade Students and Parents,

    Welcome to sixth grade! It will be a fun and exciting year for you! You will get to participate in the DARE program, celebrate at the Halloween Dance, and (hopefully) go on some awesome field trips. We are hoping you will have many opportunities to get involved at school and help around the building too.

    In sixth grade, you will study all the same subjects you have in past years. We will build upon your prior knowledge and expand your understanding of concepts.

    • In math, we will continue with Calendar Math and problem-solving. In addition, we will be simplifying and solving equations and solving problems that involve geometry, probability, ratios, integers, and rational numbers.
    • In reading, we will continue with the My perspectives program. This program will create a bridge between reading and writing, making connections between these two subject areas explicit and concrete.
      • In reading, we will incorporate whole- and small-group instruction using authentic texts and novels.
      • In writing, we will use mentor texts to explore multiple genres. We will write personal narratives, informational and argument essays, poetry, and fiction stories.
    • In science, we will conduct experiments and learn about the human body, Earth’s changing surfaces, and water pollution.
    • In Social Studies, we will cover the fascinating topics of early humans and the rise of ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Sumer, Egypt, China, and India.

    We hope you have a great summer. See you in August!


    Colleen Carroll