• Q&A All About Mrs. London


    How many years have you been teaching at Titus?

    The 2020-21 school year begins my 18th year teaching at the happiest place on Earth – Titus Elementary School!


    Have you always taught 5th grade?

    No. I started out in 5th grade and taught in Room 210 for seven years. After those seven years, I moved around the corner to teach 4th grade. Now I’m back in 5th grade and in my original classroom (Room 210) for the fourth year in a row.


    Have you always been a teacher?

    No. I worked in Human Resources in several different companies from the time I graduated college until I decided to go back to school and become a teacher. Changing careers was one of the best decisions of my life!


    Where did you go to college?

    After graduating high school, I went to the University of Delaware and earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. When I decided to change careers and become a teacher, I attended Arcadia University where I earned my Masters in Elementary Education.


    Who are the members of your family?

    I am happily married to Mr. London (it will be 33 years in November!) and he works with high school students to help prepare them for college (SAT/ACT tutoring, college selection, financial aid assistance, etc.). We have two children, Michael and Dani. Michael is a Math teacher at CB South. Dani lives in King of Prussia and she works as an Enrollment Coordinator for the College of Communications at Temple University. She is also finishing up her Masters in School Counseling and will be doing her internship at Lower Merion High School.  So as you can see, we are all dedicated to the field of education! I also have three amazing rescue dogs – a foxhound mix named Ellie, a lab mix named Bear, and a retriever/lab mix named Wally. You will quickly discover that I LOVE my dogs, and ALL dogs! Our home is in Warrington, so I might bump into you at Wegmans or Target – please say hello if you see me! One exciting event coming up is my daughter's wedding in June, so we will be adding Tom to our family!


    Would you rather…?

    dogs or cats – dogs

    hot dogs or hamburgers – hamburgers

    summer or fall – fall

    watching TV or reading a book – reading a book

    chocolate or vanilla – CHOCOLATE!!!

    dark chocolate or milk chocolate - DARK chocolate

    beach or lake/mountains – lake/mountains

    pizza or pasta – PIZZA!!!