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    How should I use the Canvas calendar?

    • Match graded work with IC name and date
    • All graded work posted on the Canvas calendar
      • Naming Convention – Sci: HW Virtual Eye, Sci: Quiz light
      • This must be less than 25 characters to sync with IC. (No special characters or emojis). 

    Assignment/Quiz created in the module will populate in the calendar automatically (Events are non-graded activities and should not be used)

    Do you have any recommendations for linking to external tools?

    • Teachers are encouraged to continue using OneNote and Seesaw (Elementary) when appropriate. These programs are especially important for activities that require digital inking. 
    • Direct links to the specific page in OneNote, Seesaw, Teams, etc. need to be posted in the module. These direct links must be in the module and NOT in the side navigation.


    How can I create a checklist for my students?


    • Teachers have the option of creating self-paced modules for asynchronous instruction using canvas requirements.
    • Create self-paced modules (Note: If the modules are too large, students who are sick or fall behind will have trouble catching up).
    • Use Canvas requirements to create a checklist for students.
    • Resources: