• Good morning molenariville,

    today is wednesday, june 10, 2020.  we will be having a teams meeting tomorrow at 9:00 because katelyn will be our big kahuna.

    please remember to send me your kahoot question today.  our class party is tomorrow at 12:00.  

    today's schedule:

    music:  be sure to check seesaw for today's lesson.

    writing:  please write your time capsule letter and send it to me.

    reading:  please schedule your book talk with me and continue to read independently.

    math:  check in with your math teacher.  my class has a teams lesson at 9:30.

    social studies:  please watch two brainpops.  one on the constitution and one on the bill of rights.  

    have a great day.  it is going to be hot!

    -Mr. mole