• Good Morning molenariville,

    today is monday, june 8, 2020.  it is the last week of school! I can't believe it!  please read the schedule carefully today.  I don't want you to miss anything because i have some fun events planned.

    math-visit your teacher's math web site.  my class has a teams meeting at 9:30 and should watch a short video prior to the meeting.  it is on the math web site.

    writing-please check your mail.  why?  because i mailed your time capsule letter back to you.  do you remember writing it the first week of school?  a lot has happended since then!  you writing assignment for today and tomorrow is to write a new time capsule letter to yourself, but this time you won't open it up until you graduate from high school!  You may type the letter on the computer and e-mail it to me or write the letter and mail it to me.  you will have my address once you receive my letter this week.  the more you write, the more fune you will have when you open it in 2027! I would like for you to send my the letter by the end of Tuesday.

    reading-go to brainpop and watch the video on idioms.  when you are finished, complete the assignment on idioms that i posted on mobymax.  

    Book Talks-please let me know when you are ready for your book talk.  I have two scheduled for today, but I can schedule more.  be sure to post your video on flipgrid. 

    class party-our end of year party will be Thursday at 12:00.  please send me one question about yourself to include on the kahoot.  Emily and elijah are helping me plan the party, so reach out to them if you have any ideas.  

    class meeting-we will have one class meeting this week.  It will be held on Tuesday at 9:00.

    Have a great day!

    -Mr. Mole