• Thursday, June 11, 2020

    Happy Thursday!


    • No Padlet Check-in Today. Today's Check-in. If we haven't had a small group chat yet this week, that's scheduled for today. Look for an invitation from me in your email!
    • Remember to check ALL of your teachers' websites before starting in on your work for the day!
    • Your special for today is GYM. Go to Mr. Durie's website for your assignment. Lin kis in "Distance Learning Resources" and then "Other Teacher Websites".

    RELA: (Reading and Writing)

    • Task #1: End-of-Year Project due by tomorrow
      • See One Note or an email I sent on Monday for directions.
    • Task #2: Read Independently for 30 minutes.

    PRE-ALGEBRA: No work for today. 


    • Lesson Objective: Complete your project by 7pm Today.
    • Time: About 40 minutes
    • Today's Assignment:
      • Complete your project by 7pm Today.
      • Email it to me.