• Introduction to Contract Law.  Day 1

    Topic-  The Law of Contracts

    Objectives-   1) Students will be able to identify the elements of a Contract-  Offer, Acceptance, and Consideration.

                       2) Students will understand when a contract is enforceable or voidable.


    Materials-     Text book, powerpoint, and internet.



                        1) Attend Teams meeting and lecture.

                        2) Review Powerpoint on Contracts (Sent via email)

                        3) In a word document, complete the following assignments:

                                       a.  Textbook Problems 23.1, 23.2

                                       b.  Write a contract!   Create a brief 1/2- 1 page contract for the purchase and sale of an item.  Make sure the contract has at least 6 clauses,                                                    spelling out the terms of the contract and providing for any possible scenarios or penalties that might arise.  Search the internet for simple                                                  examples of contracts.  Make sure the 3 necessary elements of the contract are present.


      Submit-  Submit your word document with the completed problems and your contract by the next class meeting.