• Tuesday, June 9, 2020


    Check In:

    1. Go to the Seesaw Morning Message activity.

    2. Listen and follow along with the morning message.

    3. Answer the daily question.



    1. Go to the Seesaw Tito Puente activity.

    2. Listen to the story.

    3. Write about your favorite part. 



    1. Go to the Seesaw Beginning Diagraphs Part 2 activity.

    2. Practice building diagraphs. 



    1. Go to the Seesaw Look How I've Grown activity.

    2. Think back about the school year.

    3. Complete the sentences. 



    • No lessons on Tuesdays or Thursdays

    Science/Social Studies:

    1. Summer Senses Seesaw Activity
    • Follow the directions on Seesaw to complete the activity.