• Monday, June 8, 2020


    Check In:

    1. Go to the Seesaw Morning Message activity.

    2. Listen and follow along with the morning message.

    3. Answer the daily question.



    1. Go to the Seeaw Beginning Digraphs activity.

    2. Listen and practice building diagraphs. 



    1. Go to the Seesaw Latin America Music activity.

    2. Listen to the story.

    3. List the kind of music you like. 



    1. Go to the Seesaw Persuasive- Summer or Winter? activity.

    2. Choose which season you like best.

    3. Give two reasons why you like that season best. 



    1. June 8 Math Lesson:
    • Follow the directions carefully to complete this lesson and activities to go with it. This is multi-paged. Please complete the pages at your own pace. Take breaks if necessary!
    • It is important that the independent practice section is complete.  You may NOT skip this part of the lesson, as this is how I am assessing student understanding. 
    1. Fact Fluency – practice your addition facts using a means of your choice. (Freckle, Pet Bingo, paper and pencil, flashcards, etc.)

    Science/Social Studies:

    • No lessons on Mondays or Wednesdays