Mill Creek is dedicated to educating and developing the whole child within a positive learning environment that promotes Respect, Honor, and Responsibility.

     Staff and students will honor the CREEKERS' Code!
    C - Cooperation
    R - Respect
    E - Excellence
    E - Effort
    K - Kindness
    E - Empathy
    R - Responsibility
    S - Support  


  • Mill Creek Elementary


    •Monitoring academic progress by examining student work products

    •Focus on grading consistency and accuracy

    •Evaluate homework practices to insure congruance with building and district goals

    •Focus on high educational standards

    Mill Creek Elementary School is structured around eight central principles.

    1.Every student can succeed.

    2.A challenging curriculum with high standards for all promotes student success.

    3.Teaching methods that motivate are critical to learning.

    4.Assessment of student learning encourages accountability.

    5.Technology is a vital tool necessary to teach the skills needed for the future.

    6.Partnerships with families develop a learning community.

    7.Community involvement with the school enriches all.

    8.Policies, procedures, and safeguards must exist in order to create a safe and healthy school environment.


    1. Mill Creek will offer an instructional program organized to promote every student's success.

    Mill Creek Elementary has two flexible learning divisions, known as Houses, within the larger school community. The Lower House will include students in grades K-3, and the Upper House which comprises students in grades 4-6. There are be four to six teachers at each grade level. Students will work with one or more teachers in the grade-level team. Grade level teachers work closely with one-another to plan lessons and activities and work collaboratively toward established goals and standards.

    The House plan is indicative of our commitment to providing optimal learning conditions for all students. This organization ensures that students are better known and more individually guided by teachers.

    2. Mill Creek delivers the rich and challenging Central Bucks curriculum, setting high standards for all.

    A world-class education must also be taught through clear and demanding standards. Central Bucks has designed an absorbing curriculum that is built around established local, state, and national standards. Accordingly, each area of Mill Creek's curriculum is guided by student academic standards that specify what students must know and be able to do in order to satisfy the expectations of each area. Literacy will be the first and most essential academic goal. All children will be expected to become proficient in the written and spoken word. Our Eight Principles and the Central Bucks Student Learning Goals will guide all instructional decisions.

    •Broad base of knowledge

    •Complex thinkers

    •Self-directed learners

    •Effective communicators

    •Collaborative workers

    •Informed/responsible citizens

    •Quality producers

    3. Mill Creek promotes teaching methods that motivate.

    Central Bucks has adopted or created instructional programs and training designed to help teachers work as skillfully as possible. In general, Central Bucks seeks to provide teachers not only with the tools to teach, but also with the tools that will cause students to learn. Our comprehensive staff development program offers scores of workshops that support creative and innovative instructional practices. Mill Creek teachers talk about best practice, observe each other teach, work on curriculum, and teach each other.

    4. Mill Creek assesses student learning to promote accountability.

    Mill Creek Elementary students demonstrate their learning through routine classroom evaluation and through a series of established assessments. Unique performance assessments, designed by Central Bucks, measure student progress toward the ambitious standards of the curriculum.

    The whole curriculum is used by teachers to prepare students for performance assessments and standardized tests. Assessment thereby provides accountability for learning that really matters.

    Performance on these assessments are monitored using a Benchmark Record in each student's cumulative file.

    5. Mill Creek utilizes technology to teach the skills needed for the future.

    Mill Creek Elementary provides a technologically rich environment that prepares students for the workplaces of tomorrow. We believe that information technology can make students, teachers, and schools more effective--but only when used as a tool and not as a teaching machine. Technology is fully integrated within the education programs and used to facilitate communication, research, writing, and analysis just as it is used in the real world. To support this integration, every student, teacher, and administrator will have easy access to classroom computers as well as other technologies including: iPads, SmartBoards, interactive technologies, and laptops.

    6. Mill Creek has develop a partnership with families.

    Mill Creek Elementary is committed to keeping families engaged in their children's education, both at school and in the home. Our web site and electronic communications help teachers bring the classroom into the home. An Instructional Support Team is available to work with those children and families whose problems may be interfering with learning. Family members also have a role in shaping parts of the school's program and practices through participation in the school's Parent Teachers’ Organization. Volunteerism is encouraged and desired at every level of school operations. Mill Creek’s comprehensive program also brings parents to school the old-fashioned way: to see and hear their children perform, exhibit their artwork, or participate in family nights.

    7. Mill Creek encourages community involvement with use of the school.

    Mill Creek Elementary works diligently to fashion close and collaborative relationships with their students' families, and reaches out to community agencies, groups, and institutions to reinforce and supplement their own best efforts. The Central Bucks Community School program has an established before and after-school program that meets the needs of families and children enrolled at that school. Mill Creek provides links to community service providers. Mill Creek teachers mobilize community resources to enhance the curriculum as well, and students regularly participate in community service projects.

    8. Mill Creek has developed policies, procedures, and safeguards to create a safe and healthy school environment.

    As a first step, a comprehensive emergency plan has been formulated in consultation with the local fire and police department, emergency medical services and other health providers. In addition to evacuation routes in case of a fire, disaster or other situation that require evacuation of the building, the comprehensive emergency plan includes provisions for children who have special needs. The school staff reviews the guidelines and standards for school environments, including the playgrounds and school buses, and assesses adherence to these guidelines through regular inspections and drills. The school staff and parents continue look at ways to prevent violence and to promote nonviolent conflict resolution.