•  Thursday, May 28, 2020

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    good morning

    Good Morning Team 108! 

    Happy Thursday.  How about alittle trivia?  I know how much we all loved trivia during our meeting meetings in the classroom.  National Geographic has a fun quiz you can take see how much you know about nature.

    Click here to test your smarts!


    If you haven't posted a note in Charles's You Are Special Book, please do so today.  

    Click here to write a note on Charles's You are Special Book.


    Please feel free to continue to add pictures from nature:

    Click here for our Pictures from Nature Padlet


    Morning TEAMS Check-In Schedule for next week:

    Monday, June 1st:  Our Second Mystery Guest at 9:30 (Woo! Hoo!)

    Wednesday, June 3rd:  STAR OF THE WEEK at 9:30 (Evelyn)


    Here is a reminder on how to access TEAMS:

    1) Log on to SEESAW

    2) Go to your INBOX

    3) Find the TEAMS link

    4) Click on it, mute your microphone and wait patiently for the meeting to get started.  


    The Wild Robot Escapes Read Aloud

    Well, Team 108 today is the day!  When you click on the book cover below, I will finish reading The Wild Robot Escapes.  Whenever I finish a great book it is such a happy/sad time.  Wild Robot and Wild Robot Escapes have been two AMAZING books.  It seems like just yesterday we were reading how the crate that Rox was in washed up on the shore of the island and now we are about to finish the second book and learn how Roz's adventure ends.  I sure will miss Roz and Brightbill.  I can't wait to hear how our story ends. 


    You know what to do!  For the very last time, click the link below: 

    wild robot escapes    


    Read to Self

    Don't forget to read for at least 20 minutes every day.  You can choose books from your own bookshelf or visit the reading tab on my teacher website and choose any online reading option listed there.  You can read on your own, aloud to a family memeber, or a family member can read to/with you.


    Don't Forget to Attend Special

    Please Note: Specials are not optional.   

    Monday: Gym    Tuesday: Art     Wednesday: Quest      Thursday: Music      Friday: Library

    Click the link below:



    Let's Get Started with Distance Learning!

    Ready? Set? Go!

    Click the link below!



    Be sure to take wiggle breaks!

    Today is the big day.  Let's have some fun and see your best Sid Shuffle, Team 108! Don't be shy!  You can either upload a video or record right in Padlet.  You don't need to dance to the entire music video, just try recording one or two rounds of the Sid Shuffle (remember there is a 5 minute time limit when filming).  :)  

    Click here and bust a move!




    Looking For More to Do?

    Visit my teacher website and check out the reading, math, and just for fun activities posted there!


    Congratulations!! You did it!!

    Keep up the great work, Team 108. 

    Sending you all high fives and fist bumps!