• Welcome to Intro to Java!
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    Intro to Java is a 9-week course that serves as an beginning course in computer programming.  Students interested in a possible career in programming should consider following this course with AP Computer Science A, which is an 18-week course.  This course requires students to think logically and analytically, plan ahead about how they will solve a problem, and to be persistent when working through writing code.

    The software used during class is J.Creator, and students who may be interested in working on additional programming at home may purchase the program for a nominal fee of $35 (as of 8/29/18).  Purchase the program HERE.  This is absolutely not a requirement of the course, as more than enough time is provided during class for students to complete all assignments.

    OneNote will be used for all course materials, including daily agendas, notes, worksheets, assignments, and answer keys.