• DL Introduction to Law-  The Civil Legal System  5/20-5/29


    Submit-   Guided reading before our next class on May 26, 2020. 


    Civil/ Tort Law Day 2

    Topic:   Negligence and Class Actions


    1. Understand the elements of a case in Negligence
    2. Evaluate what qualifies as a Mass Tort/ Class Action Law Suit



    1. Attend Morning Meeting
    2. Review Powerpoint
    3. Read pages 250-260
    4. Complete Problems 20.1-20.7 in a word document with your answers carefully and fully recorded and submit for grade.


                Submit your answers to problems 20.1-20.7 in a word document for a grade.

    Day 1  May 19, 2020


    Topic-  Introctuction to the Civil Legal System

    Objectives-  To understand and assess how a case originates in the Civil System and steps and processes it must follow.

    Materials-  Interoduction the Civil System Research Activity (sent via email) and the research links provided therein.


              1.  No meeting today

              2.  Complete the Introduction to the Civil Legal System research activity.

              3.  Submit the research activity before the next class.


    Submit-   Be sure to submit the completed introduction to the Civil Legal System research before the next class period.