Taekwondo Classes with Mr. Hagen

  • **Please note, this program is entirely optional.  Students are not required to submit videos for the Jr Belt Certificate.  All videos are pre-recorded and students will participate at their own risk, parental supervision is recommended.  

    **Questions and videos can be sent to Mr. Hagen at JHAGEN@CBSD.ORG Mr. Hagen's Email


    Hi Everyone! 

       Mr. Hagen, who is a member of our support staff at Barclay Elementary, is also a Taekwondo instructor and has offered to make a 4 week Taekwondo program for all the students at Barclay to follow along to at home!  A completely OPTIONAL course, two prerecorded videos will be posted each day on the Barclay School Website for students to follow along to at home, one beginner course for K-2nd grade and another faster paced course for grades 3rd-6th.

       Throughout the course, students will learn not only traditional Taekwondo techniques, but will also learn basic Korean terminology, a wide array of exercises, stretches, self defense techniques and the tenants of Taekwondo, which emphasizes that martial arts is for HEALTH & SELF DEFENSE ONLY.

     The K-2nd grade course in particular will have classes focused on a topic of the day with related activities including: Fitness, Discipline, Control, Teamwork, Coordination, Focus, Balance & Memory

     The 3-6th grade course in addition to the above material will learn:

    1. All basic TKD Blocks, Kicks and Stances
    2. Basic Self Defense Techniques 1-4
    3. Basic Form 1
    4. TKD Sport Sparring Techniques

     While these will be prerecorded videos, there will be a review 2 weeks in as well as a final exam for students to send in prerecorded videos demonstrating what they have learned.  

    Students who complete the K-2nd grade course and send in the final exam video will receive a Certified Jr. Yellow Belt Certificate naming them an official Jr. Yellow Belt, the first promoted rank in Taekwondo!

     Students who complete the 3rd-6th grade course and send in the final video will receive a Certified Yellow Belt Certificate recognizing them as an official Yellow Belt!

    Please watch the Introduction video from Mr. Hagen for an overview of what classes will be like where he goes over the Student Oath, Tenants and Bowing in an out of class so that students will be ready to begin learning Taekwondo!

     Week One - 

    Check out Mr. Hagen's Youtube Channel! 




    Introduction Video <---click here to watch the video 

    What we will cover in today's video:


    2. Self Defense ONLY
    3. Self Discipline
    4. Fitness

    -Bowing in Every Class: Charyeot Kyong nye

    -Student Oath

    1. I shall observe the tenets of Tae Kwon Do
    2. I shall respect my instructors and seniors
    3. I shall never misuse Tae Kwon Do
    4. I shall be a champion of freedom and justice
    5. I shall build a more peaceful world


    1. Courtesy: Be nice and show respect
    2. Integrity: Count on me to do what’s right
    3. Perseverance: Don’t give up
    4. Self-Control: Control my behavior
    5. Indomitable Spirit: Believe with all your heart
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