• Monday 5/18/20 Tasks (Please don’t exceed 180 minutes of work!)

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    Class Meeting “Mindful Monday” (15 Minutes)    

    1. Seesaw Activity:
      1. “Mindful Monday – What Does it Mean to be Present? 5/18/20”


    Math (60 minutes)

    1. Seesaw Activities:
      1. Complete all “Math: May 18” Activities
      2. Optional: “Scratch Off x11 Facts”


    Reading (30 minutes)

    1. Seesaw Activity: “Reading Fluency” (Please choose a chapter book for this!)
    2. Optional:
      1. Read books on the Epic App or online Epic (Class Code: vyd9871)
      2. Read books on Tumblebooks (Username: tumble735, Password: books)


    Writing/Spelling (30 minutes)

    1. Seesaw Activity: “Haiku Poetry”




    Specials (20 minutes)  Click on the links for our specials each day! Don’t forget Friday!

    Monday – Music with Mr. Weir: https://www.cbsd.org/wweir

    Tuesday – Quest with Mr. Controy: https://www.cbsd.org/acontroy

    Wednesday – Library with Mrs. Smith: https://www.cbsd.org/domain/269

    Thursday – Gym with Mr. Durie: https://www.cbsd.org/adurie  

    Friday – Art with Mr. West: https://www.cbsd.org/Domain/3241