• Tuesday, May 12, 2020

    Happy Tuesday!


    • Today's Check-in is in FlipGrid. Follow the steps below.
      • Today's topic is: "Show and Tell" us about something at your house. Some ideas could be: Introduce us to a pet or a family member, show and tell about us a unique work space you use, show and tell us something you are proud of (ribbons, trophies, artwork, instrument, etc.), or something else you think is special.
      • Go to Flip Grid with this link
      • If you have trouble or would rather not video in Flipgrid, watch the announcements and email me instead.
    • Remember to check ALL of your teachers' websites before starting in on your work for the day!
    • Your special for today is QUEST. Go to Mr. Controy's website for your assignment. Lin kis in "Distance Learning Resources" and then "Other Teacher Websites".

    RELA: (Reading and Writing)

    • Task #1: DARE Essay
      • Go to TEAMS. You will have an assignment in our CUNNINGHAM HOMEROOM -06 TEAM. The assignment is called "DARE ESSAY: Subtopic 2 Research". 
      • You might have to go to "completed" to find your research chart for your essay.
      • Read my feedback from your research for Subtopic 1.
      • You might have to "undo turn in" before you start to edit your document.
      • Add to your research for Subtopic 1.
      • Resarch subtopic 2 for your DARE essay.
      • Make sure it says "saved" before exiting out of your document (if you're working in the Word App).
      • "Turn in again" in TEAMS or email your research sheet to me.
    • Task #2: Read Independently for 30 minutes.

    PRE-ALGEBRA: No work for today. Check back tomorrow.


    • Essential Questions: How and why does the Earth's surface change over time? 
    • Time: About 40 minutes
    • Today's Assignment:
      • Log into our Science TEAMS page. 
      • Go to the assignment for today - It's called "May 12, 2020 - Lesson 9: Earth's Changing Surfaces".
      • Open the Word document.
      • There is a link for the PowerPoint in the Word document.
      • Watch the PowerPoint and the video embedded in it (only 1 video today). Make sure you are in "slideshow mode" so you can hear my voice.
      • Answer the questions and submit in TEAMS.